Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q Where do I send my reel for repair / service? What details do you require?

A Send your reel direct to Felindre Servicing (SAS), Felindre, Swansea, SA5 7ND. You need to enclose a note detailing the service you require, your name, address and daytime telephone number. Please see the Service Zone to print off a reel return form to enclose with your reel..

Q Is there a set charge for reel servicing? How much will it cost?

A We are unable to give an exact price without stripping your reel down, as internal parts may need to be replaced. An engineer will contact you with the price prior to commencing with the job.

Q How will you contact me?

A Normally by telephone, if not, by letter, fax or e mail.

Q How long will it take to repair / service?

Our aim is to provide unparalleled service, and endeavour to return reels within 72 hours of receipt. All Reels are usually repaired / serviced and returned within this timefram and shipped from the service centre back to your address.

Q How can I pay?

A Either by credit / debit card, cheque or postal order.

Q Do you only service Shimano reels?

A Yes


Q Can I buy spares direct from Felindre Servicing (SAS) or do I have to go to a tackle dealer?

A Spares can be purchased from both.

Q Do you only supply spares for Shimano reels / rods?

A Yes

Q What spares do you have in stock?

A We stock spares for Shimano reels, rods and poles. Our stock is worth in excess of £300,000. Please contact the spares department for stock availability.

Q I have a reel / rod that has been discontinued, are spares still available for older models?

A We hold spares for several years after discontinuation. In the rare event the spare you require is not in stock, we will search Shimano’s after sales centres worldwide, on your behalf.

Q How do I enquire about any Shimano spares that I need?

A If you require the price of a spool, pole section or quiver tip, please see our online price lists. For stock availability or if you require any other parts, you can contact us by e-mail , fax, letter or, preferably, by phone tel: 01792 796584.

Q How do I place an order? How can I pay?

A Either by phoning the spares department or confirming your requirements by letter, fax or e-mail. You can pay either by credit / debit card, cheque or postal order.

Q If I require a reel part, do I need the part number?

A It is not necessary as our reel engineers have a comprehensive working knowledge of all Shimano reels. However, it is helpful if you consult the parts diagram provided with your reel. Exploded reel diagrams are also available on this site for certain models.

Q If I order spares, how long will it take to arrive?

A If the part is in stock, usually the next day. For older models, we may have to order the part from Japan, which will take longer.


Q Do all Shimano products come with a guarantee?

A Yes, rods, poles, reels and accessories are all covered.

Q How long is my Shimano product covered by the guarantee?

A Shimano was the first tackle manufacturer to introduce a two year parts and labour guarantee in 2002.

Q If my Shimano product fails within the warranty period, how do I get it repaired / replaced?

A All items can be returned directly to Felindre Servicing (SAS). If you prefer, products can be returned via your tackle dealer. Please remember to provide proof of purchase or your warranty registration number in all instances. Please see the Warranty Returns Form.

Q What can I do if my Shimano product fails after the warranty has expired?

A We provide a complete after sales service, including reel servicing and spare parts for reels, rods and poles. Please see the servicing or spare part sections of the site for further details.

Q I purchased my Shimano product in the USA / Japan. What happens if it fails?

A Unfortunately, we are unable to provide after sales support on such items but can, if requested, put you in touch with the after sales departments from country in which your product originated.